Walmart Stores and the World Environment Center launch a Cleaner Production Partnership in Central America

In 2009, the World Environment Center (WEC), in partnership with Walmart Stores, Inc., launched a major initiative which aimed to increase cleaner production and energy efficiency (CP/EE) practices in two countries, El Salvador and Guatemala.

The project was conducted through the U.S. Department of State funded “Cleaner Production Private Sector Partnerships” project in Central America. WEC worked with Walmart Stores’ small and medium local suppliers to provide technical assistance in the areas of: energy and water savings; waste, raw material and emissions reductions; implementation of environmental management systems; and accessing financial resources. Through this partnership with WEC in Central America, Walmart Stores were able to share best practices and support businesses in the communities where they operate and more than 24 suppliers benefit from the project.

In 2010, Walmart Stores was the 26th recipient of the World Environment Center’s Gold Medal award for International Corporate Achievement in Sustainable Development. With 8,000 retail units and more than 100,000 suppliers, Walmart’s outstanding efforts in sustainable practices continues to make a difference in the lives of consumers around the world and its commitment to alter the way products are sourced, manufactured, delivered, sold, and disposed was acclaimed through this award.

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Advocacy of global issues; Project funding; Provision of services / personnel; all (4)

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Americas: El Salvador; Guatemala

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Community development; Energy; Environment and climate change; Financial all (5)

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Retail trade