Ecover works with NGOs to ensure water access in rural Ethiopia

Ecover works in partnership with WaterAid to support project work in rural Ethiopia. The project will give 14,750 people long term solutions to access to safe water and sanitation. Ecover supports work in 11 villages in the Hintalo-Wajarat region of Ethiopia, which will be implemented by WaterAid’s local partner The Ethiopian Orthodox Church and Inter Church Aid Commission (EOC/DICAC).

The project provides improved sanitation through the construction of traditional pit toilets serving 1350 households along with safe waste disposal pits for 1600 households, and gives locals hygiene training and promotion. To ensure the ongoing success of the project, WaterAid will also establish 18 water and sanitation committees, and train water technicians and community health educators.

In 2012 Ecover are supporting WaterAid through sponsoring their presence and team at the Virgin London Marathon 2012. Ecover also gave one of their customers the chance to take part in the London Marathon, dressed as a giant tap to raise funds for WaterAid.

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