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Conservation and Tourism Uganda (CTU) is newly registered in accordance with the Non-Governmental Organizations Regulations, 1990 and the Non-Governmental Organizations Statute 1989, No. 5 of 1989 with a permit as per November 2014. The Organization’s Registration Number with the National NGO Board of Uganda is S.5914/11432. The headquarters of CTU is in Kampala in the Republic of Uganda.

The overall objective of CTU is to promote conservation and tourism for livelihoods and environment well being in Uganda. The major functions of Conservation and Tourism Uganda are as follows :

1) Identify, develop and promote talent, projects and activities on and related to conservation and nature-culture based tourism among the youth, women, people with disabilities, marginalized groups, indigenous communities, and all people in Uganda for, socioeconomic well being of the people and environment conservation.
2) Generate, document and disseminate lessons, experiences and knowledge on conservation and tourism so as to influence the relevant policies and practice in Uganda and internationally.
3) Become a member or cooperate with or join with any bodies, associations, foundations, organizations, societies anywhere whose objectives and activities are similar, related and or complement CTU objectives and activities.
4) Receive, keep, spend, invest or dispose money and property subscribed, bequeathed or assigned to the CTU towards the achievement of her objectives in a way making sure no part is distributed among the staff and members of CTU and, acquire and sell property (land, buildings, offices, estates, loans and any other Assets) towards the achievement of CTU objectives.
5) Take up projects that the management of CTU deems necessary, incidental or conducive to the achievement of CTU objectives.

Since it formation CTU has been able to carry out activities like Restoration Planting of over 5000 Mango seedlings in the Mango Forest Fire Line with Nyangole Communities, with the Support from International Union for Conservation of Nature, in partnership with Uganda Wildlife Society, Tororo District Local government, and the National Forest Authority. Additionally, the organization also worked with the communities in Tororo on an IUCN-NL funded project where 7,000 Albizia tree seedlings were planted in the degraded Tororo Rock Habitat.

Currently, Conservation and Tourism Uganda in Partnership with Tororo District Local Government and Uganda Wildlife Society with support from the Canadian High Commission in Kenya is implementing a 1 year project that started in September 2016 titled Strengthening environmental management and livelihoods in Tororo through training and capacity-building women and youth where 100 youth and Women are being trained in climate change, impacts, Mitigation and Adaptation measures (Tree Nursery establishment and management, Improved traditional Cooks).

CTU is composed of Highly qualified Team: PhD in Forestry, MA. Social Sector Planning and Management, with numerous skills in Advocacy, climate Change, Environment conservation, and Livelihoods among others

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