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Trade and development

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HOMELINK LIFE CENTRE is non profit non denominational faith based organisation whose:-To integrate sustainable community growth and development by underlying strategies in leakage to community's problems and needs by resource creation, mobilization, utilization and management by getting involved...

Department of Foreign Affairs - Ireland


The Department of Foreign Affairs of Ireland is responsible for advising the Irish Government on all aspects of foreign policy and for coordinating the official response to international developments. The Department also provides legal information and advice, particularly on matters of public...

Duana Andorrana (Customs Department of Andorra)


Duana Andorrana (the Customs Department of Andorra) administers the customs regulations of Andorra. The department has three primary missions: a fiscal mission to collect customs duties and consumption taxes, an economic mission to ensure respect for international commitments and to facilitate...

Israel Tax Authority - Customs & VAT


Israel Tax Authority - Customs & VAT website provides currrent information regarding customs regulations, taxes, and VAT.

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, Davos, Switzerland


The World Economic Forum is an independent non-profit organisation committed to improving the state of the world by engaging leaders from the public and private sectors and from wider civil society in partnerships to shape global, regional and industry agendas. Its annual meeting attracts over...

International Trade Centre (ITC)


Formed in 1964, ITC has been the focal point within the United Nations system for trade related technical assistance (TRTA). ITC's mission is to enable small business export success in developing and transition-economy countries, by providing, with partners, sustainable and inclusive development...

Zambia Revenue Authority


Zambia Revenue Authority is charged with the responsibility of collecting revenue on behalf of the Government and was created to redress the serious shortfall in revenues available to the Government and the increasing dependency on donor funding to support basic necessities. The Authority is...

Douanes Algériennes (Customs Department - Algeria)


Douanes Algériennes (Customs Department - Algeria) is the state customs administration of Algeria. The department’s activities range from the implementation of laws and regulations relating to customs procedures to the preparation of the procedures applicable to international trade. Their website...

Customs Department - Thailand


The state customs administration of Thailand is responsible for facilitating global trade, providing an effective control on the movement of goods (imports, exports and transit goods) in and out of the country, and ensuring security in the supply chain to meet trader and stakeholder expectations.

Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for Finnish foreign policy. The Ministry's site provides general information about Finland, its foreign policy, and ministries. The site also has contact details for government departments in Finland and for embassies and consulates abroad.