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Original Volunteers


Original Volunteers is an organisation registered as a limited company in the UK. The organisation offers affordable volunteering opportunities abroad to people of all ages on a range of more than 100 projects in 18 countries around the world. Projects range from teaching and work with...

Fair Trade Sports


Fair Trade Sports Inc is the first sports equipment company in North America to launch a full line of Eco + Fair Trade Certified sports balls. The company ensures fair wages and healthy working conditions for its adult workers. The company donates its profits after tax to children's charities.

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Tourism industry and poverty reduction: A business primer


Tourism industry and poverty reduction: A business primer, a policy briefing paper, explains why poverty does matter to tourism businesses and describes what companies – both in the originating and destination countries – can do to contribute to the global effort on poverty reduction.

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A Fresh Start: Asian villages carve out a new life


In 2004, the Wildlife Conservation Society, which credits itself with having saved the American bison a century ago, set up the Tmatboey Ibis Ecotourism Project to lure bird-watchers. During the most recent peak season, November 2008 to May 2009, services provided to bird-watching visitors brought...