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Wadajir Trust


The Wadajir Trust is a charity based in the UK and established by immigrants from Somalia. The organisation aims to serve the local community, in particular those who are members of the Wadajir community, as well as people still in Somalia through fundraising and the development of educational,...

Reledev Australia Limited


The Reledev Australia exists to motivate and enable Australians and people, communities and institutions in developing countries to be responsive in overcoming or alleviating poverty within their social, cultural and economic context.

Associacion Censervacion Torotoro (ACT)


Associacion Censervacion Torotoro (ACT) focuses upon nature conservation, cultural conservation, indigenous community protection and aid.



AirLifeLine volunteer pilots from around the nation donate their time, skill, planes and fuel to provide free transportation to medical patients who have a degree of mobility and are unable to use other transportation because of their condition or because the cost is beyond their means.

Feedback Madagascar


Feedback Madagascar focuses upon promoting primary healthcare and primary education, improving local stewardship of natural resources, and implementing income generating schemes. Feedback Madagascar works with and listens to the poorest communities in Madagascar in order to help address the short...



HelpDirect is a German internet-based information and donation portal where more than 450 international aid organisations introduce their projects based in more than 130 countries. Donations to projects can be made directly online using the information provided. The HelpDirect service is free, with...

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Sports Volunteering in England 2002


This report, published in July 2003 by Sport England, builds on the base established by the Sports Council in 1995 with the publication of Valuing Volunteers in UK Sport (Sports Council 1996). The 1996 study was the first comprehensive investigation of the scale and value of volunteering in UK...

Glen Carriers Ltd.


Glen Carriers Ltd. is an international sea and air freight forwarder, and a travel agency.

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Information on Ioaveni, Moldova


This is an information page about the town of Ioaveni in Moldova. It includes statistics and historical information about the town.

World Bank - China


The World Bank is one of the world's largest sources of development assistance. It is a development Bank which provides loans, policy advice, technical assistance and knowledge sharing services to low and middle income countries to reduce poverty. The Bank promotes growth to create jobs and to...