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Refugees and internally displaced persons

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Union des Patriotes de la Diaspora Congolaise (UPDC)

Union des Patriotes de la Diaspora Congolaise (UPDC) is an NGO established by Congolese nationals living in the diaspora. The organisation is based in Germany and supports projects aimed at improving social conditions for vulnerable Congolese, in particular, rape victims, orphans and street...

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Microcredit and other loan programs in protracted refugee situations

Aid agencies recognise the need to support refugees’ own efforts to pursue livelihoods, but there are few livelihoods resources available. Microcredit and other types of loan programs have not been widely attempted, because refugees and IDPs are considered too geographically unstable –...

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UNICEF Corporate Partnerships - Examples

UNICEF Corporate Partnerships - Examples, a series of web pages, details UNICEF's corporate partnerships with a range of companies.