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Peace and security

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United Nations Assistance Misssion for Iraq (UNAMI)


The United Nations Assistance Misssion for Iraq (UNAMI) hosts a web portal for UN agencies and NGOs working in Iraq.

World Education – Senegal


World Education (WE) is an international NGO headquartered in the US that provides training and technical assistance to to the nonformal educational sector in 50 countries worldwide. Projects are designed to contribute to individual growth, as well as to community and national development. In...



Concordia is a local Iraqi NGO providing human rights advocacy, education and medical and social welfare referrals and coordination with nongovernmental and governmental partners for people in need.

Care South Rift Kenya


Care South Rift Kenya is a community-based organisation. The organisation promotes community based approaches to addressing conflicts in the Mau forest area, and works for peaceful ethical cohesion in the South Rift area of Kenya, bordering the Mau Forest complex. The organisation also aims to ...

Change thru Empowerment (CE)


Change thru Empowerment (CE) is a registered Pakistan based NGO embarking upon enabling the people to struggle for their rights and promote a society where individuals' identity is just "Humanity" and they live together with respect for diversity and dignity. Currently, we are working in...

We, The World


Founded in 1998, We, The World is an American NGO that forms international networks of collaboration. The organisation produces and promotes events and other programmes to increase public awareness and action about critical societal issues such as violence, poverty and ecological damage. We, the...

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Sierra Leone: Aftermath of the blood bath


When the wounding is done, and you are left alone and bleeding, where can you turn in a war torn environment?

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Decades of instability: The struggle in Guinea Bissau


An attempted coup was not on the plan when UK aid workers drove their humanitarian cargo half way around the world to help one of the planet’s poorest nations.

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Uprooted and forgotten: The atrocities nobody cared about


For twenty years the world stood by with little interest as civil war wrought wanton destruction on Uganda. Why, then, would anyone care now that peace has finally been negotiated?