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Upgrade for a Nonprofit Website in Kenya


Kenya Community Health Network (KCHN) is a national NGO established in 2003. The Network works on increased access to quality health care for all, and promotes access to and management of safe and adequate water. Kenya Community Health Network is trying to help people in Kenya regarding health...

Financial Assistance for Training Orphans and Disabled Children in Vocational Skills in Uganda


Barr Christian Vocational Center is trying to help orphans, disabled children, youth and women in the internally displaced people’s camps in Barr sub county, in Lira District. The issue is that for 20 years the Lord’s Resistance Army Rebellion, added to people’s ignorance on health subjects, has...

Prevention of Adolescent Pregnancies and STDs in Zambia


As a youth led youth focused organisation, we are concerned with the increase in percentage of adolescent especially girls practicing behaviors that continue to increase their risk of HIV infection. Our report shows that there are wide misconceptions on pregnancy, with 47.7% of male youths...

Sustainable Economic Growth for Muslim Minorities in the Mewat Region, India


We are trying to help the following oppressed, exploited and downtrodden people living in Mewat one of the most economically backward regions of Haryana, INDIA: The Mewat region is a region of Haryana state in India and located at southern edge of Haryana, situated in the National Capital Region...

Support youth to youth education in Ghana


Peer Educators Club-Ghana (PEC-GH) is an NGO helping young people on development and health. PEC-GH aims to help young people in making informed decisions, as we provide support and counseling to the vulnerable youth in the society. The issue that PEC-GH is trying to address is the...

Food, clothes, bedding for elderly people in Medellin, Colombia


The foundation Bread for a Grandpa (“Pan para un Abuelo”) aims to provide the means for a decent life to elderly people. We work in the District 9 of Medellin, Colombia where elderly people become vulnerable due to their situation of abandonment and desolation. The foundation has grown from...

Improve health in rural Ghana


The local people living in deprived rural areas where much is not for them by the government, e.g. educating them on health issues. Esinam Life Care Foundation Ghana, is an independent organisation which will work continuously to improve the quality of health among the people in the local...

Support library project to fight HIV/AIDS in Nigeria


CHISTRE is a non-governmental organization dedicated to the advancement of society through education, relief and consultancy. We also work with prominent community members and organizations to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Nigeria. We have set up a library which has already been very...

Sanitary pads project for young women in Nairobi


Aspire Kibera wants to help young woman who can not afford sanitary towels in Kibera (Nairobi, Kenya). For young people from Kibera slum there are many obstacles that prevent them from going to school. One simple issue that affects many young women is the lack of access to sanitary towels. Many...

Appeal for Flood Relief in Rajanpur, Pakistan


Prime Welfare Foundation aims to provide relief for families after the flood in Rajanpur, Pakistan. Water of monsoon rains reached Rajanpur, Pakistan through six hill torrents, out of which “Kaha Sultan” and “Chachar” caused most of the damage due to an abnormal surge in water level. In fact,...