Irina Project Initiative, Inc

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Irina Project Initiative, Inc. is a nonprofit charitable organization committed to adequate sanitation and hygiene in the impoverished rural village of Njinikom, Cameroon.

The organization has a team of trained volunteers who provide education on the benefits of adequate sanitation and hygiene as well as health consequences of poor sanitation. These volunteers are embedded in the community, speak the local language, and are members of the culture.

Irina Project Initiative constructed the first ultra modern toilet in the Njinikom open market in 2014 – consisting of 10 stalls and two showers. The initiative signed a partnership agreement with the local municipal council in 2017 to enhance education, financial capacity, and enforcement. Irina Project Initiative has a goal to reduce / eliminate the practice of open defecation in Njinikom.

The initiative has a target to construct a toilet in a primary school of over 400 students by the end of 2018. This school was created in 1976 and has never had a toilet facility.

Irina Project Initiative has a firm, experienced, educated, and dedicated leadership. The Founder/CEO of Irina Project Initiative, Inc has a Ph.D in Public Health, MSc. and BSc. in Nursing.


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Less than 500,000

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Njinikom local municipal council

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