Foundation for Tomorrow (F4T)

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Foundation for Tomorrow (F4T) is a community focused and people centered charity working to improve the welfare of children / persons with special needs who make up 10% of the total population of Kenya. They are still among the most disadvantaged and marginalized group, experiencing discrimination at all levels of our society despite heightened campaigns to create awareness in urban Centres in Kenya. The situation is even worse in informal settlements / slums and remote rural parts of the country where a complex web of economic and social issues create barriers within the mainstream education system and socioeconomic aspects of life.

Using the World Health Organization [WHO] Community Based Intervention [CBI] strategies, F4T has designed a unique Community Based Rehabilitation and Care [CBRC] program which combines health, education and economic empowerment to address the plight of the afflicted and affected in rural parts of Kenya.

To promote inclusion of people with special needs in the country’s development agenda through awareness, advocacy and empowerment.


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