The Foundation For Human Health and Social Development (HUHESO FOUNDATION)

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Huheso Foundation is a Tanzanian local NGO working to improve the health and wellbeing of vulnerable disabled, women and children in Tanzania, with a focus on women empowerment, reproductive health, maternal, newborn, child health, family planning, Malaria, nutrition, cancer, HIV/AIDS and children rights.

Huheso Foundation delivers its services to clients through the use of radio programmes, biomedical, structural and Social Behavioural Change Communication (SBCC) interventions.

Moreover, Huheso Foundation has a very strong relationship in working with donors, community level and local government authorities since its establishment. This has resulted in strong links with the community and local government authorities that in terms assure success in the health and socio-economic endeavours.

The vision is to service Tanzania in which vulnerable groups are empowered enough realize, utilize and achieve their full potentials and contribute to the development of the country.

Tanzania just like many societies worldwide has witnessed human rights abused. In this Particular case like children, youth and women through domestic violence, assault, eviction and child abuse (including child labour, defilement, female genital mutilation and forced adolescent marriages) the barbaric acts are escalating at alarming rate and the situation is worse where it found that the victim is HIV+. HUHESO committed to support cancer victim an educate people and to campaign about Cancer in the community.


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500,000 - 1 million

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Kahama Town District Council Ushetu District Council Msalala District Council Dodoma City Council Mwanza City Council Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA) NSSF Save the children Tanzania Unicef Tanz The Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) ADP Busangi – World Vision Rapid Funding Envelop (RFE) Terre Des Homes Kay Walten – USA Livestrong Foundation – USA Equip Tanzania Care International Tanzania Jhpiego Tanzania Partnership For Nutrition In Tanzania (PANITA) IMA World Health Mwanza Youth Children Network (MYCN) Child Radio Foundation Tanzania Human Right Defenders (THRDC) Tanzania Child Right Forum (TCRF)

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