Procter & Gamble partners with Fondation de France to provide financial and logistical support for children “without a roof”' campaign

Procter & Gamble France supports the housing program of the Fondation de France through Operation SOS Enfance Mal Logée( SOS Childhood Poorly Housed). This program helps families affected by poor housing.

Created in 2001, the partnership between Procter & Gamble France (P&G) and the Fondation de France has never stopped evolving. First called " Du soleil dans les murs " and then " SOS Enfance Mal Logée ", this action has always been oriented towards the same goal: to support actions that help improve the lives of vulnerable children.

Although France is a rich country, there are still 1/2 a million children living in very bad housing conditions, both in the cities and in the countryside. It is hard to believe at the turn of the 21st Century, but these children “without a roof” live without running water, lack of sanitary installations, no electricity and/or heating systems, no furniture, overcrowded housing, etc. These poor living conditions have a very negative impact on the children’s health and on their development.

P&G has created a cause-related marketing project to provide financial as well as logistical support to “SOS Enfance Mal Logée”, in addition to strong employee awareness raising and involvement with fundraising. The funds raised, via “SOS Enfance Mal Logée” ,support the Fondation de France’s specific program dedicated to people living in bad housing conditions, with the guarantee that all funds donated by P&G will be used by local associations helping children in need through the renovation or the creation of new and decent living places.

With P&G’s support the Fondation de France could provide a better start for hundreds of children to grow and have a better chance for a decent life. Since 2001, over 3 million were collected that have enabled the Foundation of France to support 241 projects (rehabilitation of 2,500 homes, 3,000 homes involving helped almost 6,000 children). This is also an opportunity for P & G France to mobilize its headquarters staff and its four factories that pay every year a significant contribution to the Fondation de France, with sales of products organized by thirty volunteers. This partnership with the Fondation de France is part of the societal goals of large-scale patronage of P & G for special education through its “Live, Learn & Thrive” (Live, Learn and Thriving).

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