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Shelter, housing, land management and construction

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Construction of rural school in Zambia


Welfare Concern Initiative is a community based organisation which is operating for five years in the most remote areas of Livingstone and Kazungula districts of Zambia. The organisation mainly focuses on improving the welfare of orphans and vulnerable children whose guardians and parents have no...

Funding to construct a four classroom block for St. George Secondary School in Uganda


There are many needy and orphaned students in the Masaka area who cannot attend secondary schools. The reasons can be one of the following: - congestion in all schools in the area - the children cannot afford to pay school fees because of poverty - some children become heads of their...

Help homeless adolescent parents toward a life of independent living, Cameroon


Our target group are homeless teens, pregnant & parenting teens and their babies. Teen Foundation wishes to provide a safe, supportive, transitional home enabling homeless teens, pregnant & parenting teens and their babies to reach their full potential. Teen Foundation runs the following...

Support orphans and other vulnerable children of local Andhra Pradesh tribes, India


Among the underdeveloped tribes of Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh, India, orphans and other vulnerable children are in greater need of support today than ever before. In the past, we have invested in programs that give these children access to education, health care services, shelter, food and...

Eight new classrooms for disadvantaged children in Zambia


The issue we are resolving is providing education for the vulnerable children for their better future. We are a registered community-based organization in Zambia providing 1) education to disadvantaged children and 2) training in tailoring to widows and disadvantaged women. Our organization...

Bus & vocational training equipment needed in Eastern Cape South Africa


Cookhouse is located in in the Eastern Cape of South Africa and has a population of 10,000 people. Cookhouse is a town with the highest number of HIV / AIDS infections, vulnerable children, orphanages, etc. Currently, there is only one clinic serving the entire community and surrounding farms...

Eco camp and environmental education in Tanzania


The conditions in most rural areas in Tanzania prevent development to happen. Economic hardship, lack of knowledge and other structural difficulties lead families to act inefficiently and unaware which in turn reinforces their poverty and environmental depletion. Therefore, Ngeriv's main goals...

Transitional Shelters for Daadab Refugee Camp in Kenya


Because of the over population in the Daadab refugee camps that were originally meant to hold some 90,000 and instead hold 550,000, distribution of basic human needs has been a challenge even with a large number of international organizations. One of the biggest challenges other than food and...

Funding required for Girl Power Project in Uganda


Care for African Kids (CFAK) is a Ugandan NGO that takes care of 165 children at its orphanage centre in Wakiso, and provides support towards the childrens' shelter, education, medication, clothing, and food while also attemping to prevent child abuse and violence and the spread of HIV/AIDS, and...

Volunteer in an Orphanage in Kampala Uganda, East Africa


The project is targeting orphaned and disadvantaged children aged 3 to 14, at CSU’s Kamwokya Child Support Center in Kampala, and in other community support programs as well. The project includes teaching in orphan schools, helping in other youth community development projects, teaching computer...