Danone Poland: Affordable Milk Porridge for Low-Income Families

In 2006 Danone Poland launched a breakfast product which has a high nutritional value for children and is affordable for low-income consumers. A milk porridge product based on semolina and milk. Milk Start is enriched with vitamins and minerals. To make the initiative financially sustainable, Danone knew that the products had to be profitable, or at least cover the costs of product development, manufacturing and distribution.

The project team established partnerships with a state child health and nutritional organization, Poland’s largest manufacturer of instant products and the country’s largest food retailer. The partners committed to offering the lowest price possible with the highest nutritive quality. The collaboration brought many innovations, including economical packaging for single-serve sachets to drive down production costs and increase accessibility. Milk Start launched in September 2006 and reached sales of more than 1.5 million sachets by the end of 2006, including about 33,000 households with children under the age of 15.

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