TNT works with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) to fight world hunger

TNT’s groundbreaking partnership with the United Nations’ World Food Programme (WFP) began in 2002 and adopted the title of ‘Moving the World’ – a very apt description given that TNT committed knowledge, skills and resources to helping finance the work of the WFP and also to the physical delivery of food and supplies to disaster areas around the globe.

As the largest humanitarian aid agency on the planet, the WFP provides food aid to an average of 90 million people in over 80 countries. TNT supports WFP in several ways, including airlift services in emergencies, specialist support programme, volunteers and cash donations. TNT’s expertise and resources, aligned to the requirements of the WFP make it a perfect partnership, enabling the company to engage with its people in a programme that ultimately facilitates and encourages developing nations to become more self-sustaining. As well as practical support, TNT also work in tandem with the WFP raising awareness of global hunger bringing it to the attention of Governments, leaders of industry and the public at large.

TNT’s annual fundraising focuses on a specifically themed ‘Fight Hunger Week’ – an initiative that encourages employees to participate, raise tens of thousands of pounds for the WFP and boost awareness and understanding via media opportunities.TNT initiated the annual Walk the World event whereby TNT and WFP employees, families and friends in 200 locations, 70 countries and 24 time zones came together to raise awareness of global hunger. TNT has launched a new mobile initiative, designed to mobilise funds for the WFP by enabling individuals to donate to the humanitarian aid agency.

Since the start of the partnership, TNT has contributed a total of €32.5 million in-kind to WFP operations and €5.5 million in cash. Besides this contribution €9.0 million was raised by TNT employees and donated to WFP. This donation went to support the WFP School Feeding Programme. In Indonesia TNT performed an emergency response pilot project together with other logistics companies. In Ghana, TNT continued to provide warehouse space to WFP for storing emergency supplies. The depot will enable WFP to respond more quickly to emergencies in West Africa. In addition to its mobile fundraising initiative, TNT Post will strive to further encourage employee support and involvement of the partnership by communicating “hands on” volunteering opportunities to staff and other related activities.

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