Basu Community Rural development Organization

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Basu Community rural development was begun in 2009 in Kasese District western part of Uganda.It is around 500kmrs away from Kampala ,the capital city of Uganda.
The major aim for the founding of this Organization is to fight biting poverty among the less privileged poor people in the area by establishing projects that are aimed at changing the living standards of the people.

It is so sad that no person is able to earn 3500 Ugandan shillings in a day making life very difficult.Because of this biting poverty and disease ,many children find hard to go to school and those who afford do not finish in the process,HIV/AIDS pandemic has left many children as orphans while Covid-19 has widened levels poverty.Therefore we would like our organization to get funding that can help have many children go back to school in the area of the hands on skills,give assistance to the disabled children in the area of helping them to be educated,feed the children by establishing big gardens for crop production,empower the women with funds that can help them have or begin and boost their businesses,feed and take care of the HIV/AIDS patients and the young mothers to have a skill.

Our Organization is fledged with a qualified and hardworking executive only let down by very minimal or insufficient funds to run the activities.Our organization operates in kasese district in Munkunyu sub county.


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Less than 500,000

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Our Organization partners with WorkAid who have supplied us with some tools that we use to train our less privileged youth. We also Partner with Busaruhilfe deutschland that normally gives us some funds which boosts the village savings for women and other youth programs.

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