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The SPCA believes that animals are living creatures which like humans, are able to feel pain, hunger and thirst. Human should not inflict any suffering upon fellow creatures just because they can’t speak.

The SPCA (HK) does the followings to achieve its mission :

Rescue of abandoned, sick and injured animals.
Operating an Inspectorate to rescue animals including wildlife, help enforce animal welfare laws and initiate prosecution of offenders.
Providing low-cost desexing for cats and dogs to prevent unwanted litters.
Rehoming abandoned and rescued animals.
Hospitalisation of homeless animals whenever possible, providing necessary basic veterinary care, treatment of disease or major surgery.
Helping to control the animal population by working within the community on programmes to desex loosely owned and feral animals, territory wide.
Monitoring of food animal welfare standards.
Lobbying and working with government to bring about improved animal welfare legislation.
Public education on responsible pet ownership and animal welfare concepts.



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