Jelinamwanacome orphanage and All sports Academy / Mother Kareso Home Foundation

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Jelinamwanacome orphanage and all sports Academy / Mother Kareso Home Foundation was founded in 2013 and duly registered in 2015 under the registrar of societies Zambia. The Home is based in Lusaka Zambia Bauleni area Mwazabamba and Chelstone Palmdrive. They work with the orphans, vulnerable, prisoners and refugees children not forgetting the single female parents.

The main focal point is their education, health, food, shelter and clothing to help eradict the high levels of poverty in the community caused by HIV and AIDS which has left many children orphaned and the incarcerated. Currently, the Home is running a small orphanage school in the community with 205 children who are the orphans, vulnerable and prisoners children who have been left home whilst their parents are in prison. Their work also concentrates more on the single female parents inmates.

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