Agency for Assistace and Development of Somalia - AADS

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Agency for Assistance and Development of Somalia abbreviated as AADS is defined as non-governmental, non-political, non-partisan and non-profit making organization, flexible and committed to provide humanitarian programs answering to the community’s basic needs relevant on the current situation in Somalia. AADS is open to all without distinction of origin, race, color or creed. AADS is operating in Somalia particularly South West State, Jubaland State and Banadir region. AADS was founded by a professional group of people from the different parts of the Somali society living inside and outside of the country. The main reason of its foundation was under difficult circumstance of development of the social services based on the unity and incorporation (amalgamation) of the Somali society and encourages the existence of never-ending peace through capacity building and constant orientation towards the human rights and protection.
AADS organization refrains to involve politics and all can trouble the social development like the conflict, tribalism and etc.
Agency for Assistance and Development of Somalia-AADS is mandated to carry out activities reflecting to its mission, goals and vision, for social development. The NGO is entitled to improve the quality of education, create chances to educate more students and generate peace and development through education. AADS also focus on health and nutrition, emergency relief and rehabilitation, livelihood, mother health care for communities in operational regions. AADS believes in cooperation in general, cooperation with local communities and target beneficiaries at primary levels; and International organizations at secondary second level.


Supporting communities to achieve long term changes in the lives of families and individuals and attempt to peace and stability, reconciliation of the South/Central Somali regions damaged by the civil wars, political crisis, food crisis and at the same time make their hearts to avoid each other through collaboration and cooperation among the communities in South/central regions of Somalia.


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