Ethiopian Guenet Church, ADDIS ABABA Regional Church Office

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The Ethiopian Guenet church was founded by two Finland missionaries called Mr.San Frid Mattson and Anna-Lisa Mattson in 1951 G.C. After a service of 25 Years, the Addis Ababa Gunet church was founded in the year 1976 G.C and had a 42 years history of service. The church has currently 35 independent local churches 33 evangelistic cents in Addis Ababa. The church has total number 15,874 believers.

 In response to fulfilling the vision of the Ethiopian Geunet church, the Addis Ababa & surrounding Guenet church regional Office is producing ministers, future leaders & serving the Christian community through holistic ministry to fulfill the great commission.

Addis Ababa Guenet church mainly works on mission and church planting. The church raises funds from its members, foreign donors and planted 96 main independent local churches in Ethiopia. The church has had a strategic plan of three years to plant 30 churches. The mission department works hard to achieve this goal.

The Addis Ababa Guenet Church also has a program of training leaders, evangelists, pastors, teachers, ministers, youth, teenage and Sunday school teachers, women, and works on family ministry. The church works on capacity building program how to lead, teach the bible, organize small group ministries, train missionaries and full farmers who works in the church. This department work more to get a Christ like men and women who serve and minister in the church.

The Addis Ababa Guenet church works on spiritual materials starting from tracts, brushers, journals Pamphlets, text books and other supplementary texts. The church has had a long history of developing a good material production for Sunday school students the teenagers and the youth. It also now works on material production for the teenagers, youth, adult Sunday school, home cell group study materials, marriage affairs family, basic Christian education, discipleship and to train emerging leaders. Generally this section works more on material development for the growth of the church.

Addis Ababa Guenet Church works on the emerging leaders, ministers, and the youth group that will take over the future church. It trains, equips, nourishes, teaches, and works on the life of the youth and Teen-ages in collaboration with the local churches.

The Addis Ababa Guenet Church has been involved supporting poor and marginalized groups of the society, especially vulnerable children by providing of food, clothes, and also by giving primary education access for those who are unable to get education by providing school fee.

The child sponsorship program was started with in the church. At this time 165 poor, orphaned and single parent children got a support from members. The children got all the necessary school materials, clothing, food and health care by the support from members the church gets.

The Addis Ababa Guenet church development section supports families of the poor children and other community members by empowering them form self help groups (SHG) so as to be self supportive community. They finally reached to the goal of creating their own jobs, business and works in generating their income.


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