WAM, INC Verified non-profit organisation

(Verified non-profit organisation)

A 501 C3 based out of Dallas with operations in the MENA region to include Egypt.

WAM provides humanitarian aid to those affected by war, poverty, and religious persecution.

Focused on alleviating the suffering of communities fighting injustice, we strive to meet the needs of those experiencing physical, spiritual, and emotional turmoil.



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1 million - 100 million

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Project funding; Provision of goods

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Americas: United States

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Community development; Disasters and humanitarian affairs ; Education and training; Job...show all (7)

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Apparel & fashion; Arts, crafts & toys; Computer hardware & software;...show all (12)

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Agriculture and livestock; Aquaculture; Education and training; Medical and health


Türkiye/Syria: Earthquakes - Feb 2023