Fountain of Hope Forestry

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Fountain of Hope Forestry’s mission is improve community’s social and economic wellbeing through dedicated tree growing and efficient biomass energy production. Fountain of Hope Forestry is a company dedicating its activities to sustainable environmental management through growing of locally adaptable biomass energy tree crops and their efficient conversion to biomass energy while promoting other ecosystem conserving enterprises like beekeeping.

So far, its activities are being promoted on an 83 acre piece of land in an area that was severely affected by rampant deforestation due to unsustainable charcoal production- about 48 km from Lake Kyoga in Eastern Uganda. The group is growing locally adaptable high biomass energy tree species and now extending the same model to the neighbouring communities. They are also training communities in nursery bed and sustainable tree management, green charcoal production technologies and encourage them to practice Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR) and encouraging them to adopt environment conserving activities like beekeeping. They raise trees with the community and are setting up a community nursery management model to raise trees from the communities themselves.


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Less than 500,000

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The Global Environment Facility - Uganda The climate Action Network Biomass Energy Efficient Technology Association - Uganda Professional Foresters Association - Uganda

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