Iregei Life Sustenance

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Iregei Life Sustenance is a community based organization located Butebo,Kabwagasi, Uganda.

This organization believes that trees are very important not only as a preserve of the environment, vegetation cover, but they also modify the ecosystem making a friendly place for man. Soil fertility and stability need to be enhanced, purification of air circulation done, improved weather conditions and climate modification. They take up an initiative to correct the situation, through planting and trees left to struggle alone without or with minimum care.

The major aim is to carry out environmental production measures in order to improve the environment for increased production and productivity.

· To carry out tree growing for both fruit trees and other multipurpose uses as per the needs of man.

· To increase soil fertility through soil conservation for improved yields.

· To fight hunger and poverty reduction through increased household incomes.

· In the long run, to address greenhouse effects.

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Iregei Life Sustenance

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