Jotters International Organisation

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Jotters International Organisation’s vision is a world without poverty that invests in human security and where everyone shares the benefits of opportunity and growth.

Jotters is an independent international development organization that focuses on putting data-driven decision-making at the heart of poverty eradication’s e focus mostly on youth, women, and children.

Empowering kids is a big part of what it does. It means giving kids access to the basic tools they need to succeed, instilling in them confidence that they can break free from poverty, building them into engaged citizens of their communities.

Other programs include :

Fund Raising
Group Work For Women
Support For The Elderly And Street Beggars
Women And Agriculture
Water And Sanitation Projects
Childhood Care
Build Orphanage


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Organisation annual cash turnover (in US$ equivalent)

Less than 500,000

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Africa: Uganda

Global issues

Children, youth and family welfare; Education and training; Job creation and all (7)