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Established in 2014, and registered as community Based Organization in 2015, Peace Builders of Africa also known as PBA – Uganda is a dynamic Christian child and youth focused Grassroots peace building charity organization that strives to ensure that the marginalized communities are uplifted through specific programs which aim to improve their standards of living and are able to adequately exercise their rights as citizens on issues that affect their wellbeing.


“To promote a culture of peaceful co-existence within societies where we live.”


Primary focus is on the children and the young people however PBA also supports other vulnerable groups such as the extreme poor, internally displaced persons, refugees, and the elderly. The group also works in partnership with the Public and Private Sector in order to reach out to the broader marginalized communities.


1. Peace Building : Under the Peace Building program, PBA has been supporting the settlement of disputes through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Mechanisms such as Mediation, Conciliation and Arbitration, also done community dialogues on conflict and dispute resolution. Provide advisory services to disputants and sharing information with the parties about the dangers of conflict and its likely consequences in the lives of the children and other victims.

2. Child Protection : PBA has been working with relevant stakeholders such as the Child Protection Department of the Uganda Police and NGOs in ensuring that the rights of children in communities where they work are protected. Have also trained child protection for organizations like Plan International Concerned Parents Association.

3. Economic Empowerment : have largely been conducting capacity building training to several groups within Lango sub region and in other parts of Uganda in Village Savings and Loans Association, organizational development, career guidance, life skills, Governance and Accountability. Conducting Tree planting for scalability in partnership with Food for Agricultural Organization.

4. Human Rights : have also done human rights sensitization programs on radios and during community sensitization programs and trainings in human rights within parts of Lango Sub region. Provided legal Probono services to some marginalized members of the communities especially those whose rights have been violated.

5. Capacity Building : been conducting capacity building programs for groups in resource mobilization, group Dynamics, guidance on registration for legal recognition, building their capacities in risk identification and management to mention but a few.


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