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Friends Rallying to Empower Each other Professing Love and Unity for Self-reliance (FREEPLUS)Foundation is a community based, non-profit making organization founded in 2016 by a group of unemployed and impoverished youths of Anai.

The organization with help from the local community and well-wishers evolved to empower, support and help the vulnerable and marginalised women, youths and children addressing their needs through identifying interventions that are strategic to the alleviation of their plights. Forming a group, (Freeplus Foundation) through which the community around, NGOs, donors, well-wishers and other bodies could use to reach the rest of the youths community became paramount.


An empowered, healthy and a self-sustaining community of the vulnerable children and youths who are self reliant, out of poverty in a HIV/AIDS free community with access to healthcare services, vocational and life skills education, information and others in order to live lives of quality and productivity in spite of having been disorganized by the LRA atrocities and the current HIV/AIDS and COVID-19 pandemic.


To establish a community based non-profit making health unit providing community health insurance, primary health care and community based healthcare on the five sub-core programmes of health (HIV/AIDS, safe motherhood, Malaria control, reproductive health and good nutrition) through partnership.

ii. Provision of safe water, sanitation, environmental preservation and conservation for the community of our mapped areas of operation.

iii. To establish a Community Youth Social Resource Centre imparting skills and knowledge on income generation empowerment through Life Skills Training and Vocational Education for improved livelihoods for less fortunate youth / people, and grooming them into becoming self-reliant, good and responsible citizens of this nation.

iv. Provide humanitarian relief/supplies to the vulnerable and marginalized groups/persons to improve their livelihoods.

v. To promote human values and ethics of compassion, honesty, good morals, transparency, equality and share Godliness with the children and youths as stipulated in the Uganda motto “For God and my country” and teach them to become better citizens of this nation.

vi. To improve and promote human rights awareness, policy and monitoring development programmes with the community.

Activities :

Freeplus Foundation applies an integrated community based approach to ensure that its important programme areas are delivered systematically to complement each other in providing for the needs of the children, youths in mitigating the plight of the OVCs as well as building capacity of households to ensure sustainability. Our major program areas cover the following:-

Health (Community Based Healthcare and Primary Healthcare)
Education (Vocational and Life Skills Education)
Human Righs (Campaigns, Advocacy and Child protection)
Food security (Backyard Farming Practices for household sustainability)

Year established


Organisation annual cash turnover (in US$ equivalent)

Less than 500,000

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Advocacy of global issues; Standards and guidelines development; Project funding; all (5)

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Africa: Uganda

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Children, youth and family welfare; Community development; Disability issues; all (11)

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Agriculture, aquaculture & forestry; Computer hardware & software; all (16)

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Accounting and management services; Advocacy and legal services; Agriculture all (13)