Caring Haven Uganda

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Caring Haven Uganda provides programs designed to benefit the grass root common person ranging from education, youth empowerment, talent development and health for the rural communities. The communities are characterized with poverty, illiteracy, and ignorance who have great difficulty meet the basic requirements of human life.


‘To engage with all stakeholders to change minds, through practical approaches for the betterment of our communities socially, morally, and economically to earn a sustainable living.’

Activities :

a) Livelihoods

• Improved and modernized agriculture practices
• Vocational skills training opportunities
• Income generating activities (IGA) targeting the youth, women, disabled and the elderly
• Promotion of talent, cultural diversity and sports for peaceful co-existence

b) Land advocacy

• Lobby and liaise with land experts to sensitize communities on land rights
• Train community leaders on their role in protecting the citizen’s land rights

c) Environment

Caring Haven undertakes to promote conservation, protection and proper use of the environment through;

• Sensitization programs and tree planting drives and creation of awareness on the dangers of bad practices that affect our environment negatively.
• Formation of responsible environmental clubs in schools and communities
• Sensitizing and training on proper energy methods like energy stoves & briquettes among others
• Inform Communities on the efforts and recommendations of the various global forums on climatic change for the common interest of all humanity

d) Health awareness

• Sensitize on HIV/AIDS and counseling for the affected & infected persons
• Promote proper hygiene and sanitation practices in communities.

e) Christian Outreach and Ministry (fulfillment of the great commission)

f) Partnership for development and information dissemination

• To partner and jointly work together with other stake holders & sister organizations both governmental and non-governmental in addressing societal most urgent needs.
• Conduct public civic education; sharing vital information and sensitizing communities. Information is power.

g) Education

• Supporting communities to eradicate illiteracy through education programs such promotion of girl child education, Merit scholarships and to disadvantage children, adult literacy education among others.


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Less than 500,000

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Deep Water Church OHIO,ELL-WORTH KAMI Uganda Red Cross Marie Stopes Uganda

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