Trees For The Future Uganda

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Trees for the Future Uganda is a local non-Profit Organization established in 2007 to promote organic food production through hamlets, tree planting and conservation approaches after witnessing prolonged droughts and erratic climate patterns taking place in Uganda. The unusual weather patterns are attributed to the rapid forest degradation. In a bid to mitigate this, there is a need to engage communities directly in tree planting for conservation while taking care of their current needs; food, fuel, fodder, herbs, construction materials, among others.

This is achieved through, working with communities to improve livelihoods and restore degraded lands to sustainable productivity through planting beneficial trees that supply fuel wood, animal fodder, fruits and green fertilizer. Trees for the Future Uganda encourages the planting of Agroforestry trees for sustainable land use and better conservation practices. And at the same time engage people in communities development projects.

Through many years of working with communities in tree planting activities and community development support activities, the organization learnt that it is important to work towards meeting their immediate needs. In doing so they promote fast growing and multipurpose trees so that the immediate needs of the communities can be meet the earliest time possible.


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