Health And Development Agency for Community Empowerment

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HEALTH AND DEVELOPMENT AGENCY FOR COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT (HADACE Uganda) targets to promote efforts that empower the community with focus on capacity building in Humanitarian work, Agriculture, Health, Human rights, Education, Environment and advocacy for multi-sectoral approaches to community socio-economic development.

The organization mainly targets people in most need such: Orphans, vulnerable children, adolescents, persons with disabilities, women and people living with HIV/AIDS and entire community populace with needs in line with our set programs.

Health and Development Agency for Community Empowerment (HADACE) is a voluntary and charity, Non-partisan and Non-Government Organization formed on the basis of helping the poor, vulnerable communities, orphans, women and the general community and population in Uganda.

It gives support in form of improved agricultural inputs, medical, education and empowerment to communities such as income generating sources and sustainability means and trainings, and other basic needs of life to orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs)


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