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Future Focus Uganda’s work is focused on levering the resources to break the cycle of poverty among rural communities in Uganda. They provide tools and resources to support vocational trained youth with entrepreneurship skills, reproductive health education and mentoring children in schools at all levels creating a transformed child who will be a responsible citizen in future.

This organization seeks to empower and inspire the supported community in areas they operate to create lasting impact in their social and financial lives.

They draw the attention of donors and stakeholders to the realities faced by struggling children and special groups i.e, orphans and vulnerable children, people living with disability, people living with HIV/AIDS, the elderly, widows, people living with chronic illnesses and people with special need, in Uganda and the impact of excruciating poverty on a daily basis.

Future Focus Uganda, has also registered unprecedented levels of success, all challenges notwithstanding, in reaching out to the communities in Uganda and providing a forum through which they have been able to mobilize and empower themselves economically. Institutional development processes, including the development of this strategic plan, have been conducted so that Future Focus Uganda can become a modern, relevant organization that will meet the needs of the Communities in Uganda.

The organization is legally registered up to the national level, have mandate to support the community to improve its living conditions due to the well strengthened governance and qualified human resource with a well laid financial structures for resource accountability.



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Uganda: Floods - May 2013; Uganda: Cholera Outbreak - May 2013; East Africa Crisis