Liberty Development Foundation (LIDEFO Uganda)

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LIDEFO is a community based organization established in the year 2002 and registered with the Uganda National NGO Board under registration number 120931, to support practices that accelerate the progress of human development with a view to eradicate poverty and extreme hunger through education, training and micro enterprises development.

The role of this organization is to economically empower people and offer quality services that enhance income-generating activities for sustainable rural livelihoods. The goal of LIDEFO is set to unlock the potentials of people, improving their lives through training & education; empowering them as individuals with skills that will improve people’s economic status & strengthen participatory development.

Central to the human development approach are the concept of human empowerment, which, in addition to income, treats access to education and health care, respect for diversity, protection from violence, and the preservation of the environment as essential dimensions of human development and well-being at community and household level.

LIDEFO’s mission is to promote a realistic, innovative environment and operate a college that offers skills training and education, promoting beekeeping, fish farming, other micro enterprises for women and youth, enhancing positive transformation that increases household income, cross cultural integrity and respect.


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Bees Abroad based in UK Obaki Foundation based in Canada TUNADO a Ugandan based organisation

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