Northern Uganda Environmental protection and Prevention of HIV / AIDS (NUEPHA)

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Northern Uganda Environmental Protection and Prevention of HIV / AIDS

NUEPHA was formed in 2012 with it headquarter in Lira district and aims to protect environment, improve the live hood and fight against the spread of HIV AIDS among the community in northern Uganda. The poverty level in this region is 65% compared to the national level. As people settled in the camps for many years therefore, it led to reckless lives as result of heavy drinking and having unprotected sex. Many of them acquired AIDS/HIV. Therefore there is the need to continuously educate these people on the dangers of the disease. Although some heath centers now provide some AIDS/HIV Services, not every member of these communities have access to it. Therefore there is the need to make them aware of the services near where the community member is lives. They shall be counseled, tested and referred for CD 4 cell counts and subsequent introduction of ARVs for those found to be positive. The males are also educated on the need for voluntary Medical male circumcision (MMC) as one of the strategists of preventing the spread of the HIV/AIDS.

There has been very severe environment damage, not only are the trees indiscriminately cut down for construction poles and charcoal burning. Some tree species like shear tree are also threatened. Yet it’s a very economically valuable tree because of the shear butter oil which it produces. Big chucks of land are being cultivated after cutting down all the trees that would otherwise protect the environment. Therefore NUEPHA aims to train groups in all the sub-counties in Northern Uganda on sustainable environmental management, Agro forestry management, Wetlands management and distribute tree seedlings to farmers.

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