Community Hands Against Poverty

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Community Hands Against Poverty is a Development Nongovernmental Organization registered in Kenya on a National scale and serve across five counties; Nairobi, Kisumu, Meru, Bungoma and Vihiga and we are open to network and partner with foundations, organization, Government and any willing partners to establish our Network membership.
Despite having very limited access to resources, Community Hands Against Poverty has become a national and global champion in the Not for profit social services sector, and a credible voice in bringing forward community concerns to decision makers and the public.
In early 2018 since our establishment 2011, Community Hands Against Poverty Committee began to promote the concept of Social support and protection of poor and vulnerable community members on some of social challenges they face through broader community participation as imperative to address the social environment ,education, poverty and health issues affecting this poor Kenyans with a request to engage numerous, Donors groups and stakeholders to help determine the purpose and structure that the stakeholders may take in solving this social issues in their regions and National scale.
The name COMMUNITY HANDS AGAINST POVERTY was chosen in 2014 and reflects the intent to have a broad network of supporters and participants involved in addressing the social needs of Community members served by CHAP and its surrounding area.
The organization Formal registration as a National Nongovernmental Organization with NGO Coordination Board took place in January 2018 with its account opened in same year with KCB BANK MBALE BRANCH.
The organization evolved over the years since 2011, with membership numbers and levels of participation varying depending on the issues being addressed, geographical location of members and the resources available through key supporters. The model for the organization was that of a team of like minded members in an umbrella, working to connect stakeholders with similar interests while not spending significant time or money developing an infrastructure for the organization itself.


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