Destiny Alive

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Destiny Alive is a Social Life Changing Organization which deals in mentoring the African Rural youth with life survival skills as well as business skills that change their attitudes, aspirations in life and in the end make them have the kind of destinies they want.


To create a positive change in the lives of African youths by equipping them with life changing skills to help improve their productivity and employability in their communities to help mitigate poverty.


1. Grow with your trees project
2. Agricultural project
3. Vocational training
4. Business training
5. HIV project

In implementing the 5 projects above, Destiny Alive takes the youths through mentorship programs for life skills development, attitude change, and mentality development from waiting for things to be done for them to being result oriented and focused. The organization also takes them through economic empowerment by putting them in weekly savings groups

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Less than 500,000

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Africa: Uganda

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