Beyond the Midpoint: Achieving the Millennium Development Goals

This paper is UNDP’s forward-looking review of the factors that shape MDG progress, along with the constraints and bottlenecks that have hampered MDG achievement in many countries. The findings build on MDG assessments in 30 countries that were undertaken for this review.

The report shows that while there has been notable progress on many targets and indicators across countries, it is clear that much more needs to be done for MDG achievements to be realized by 2015.

Beyond the Midpoint stresses that there are four key factors that shape progress at the country level:

1. Policy choices and programme coherence

2. Governance and capacity deficits

3. Fiscal space constraints and aid effectiveness

4. National ownership: political will and partnerships

Accelerated MDG achievements will depend on unlocking constraints in all four of these areas. Since each country faces a unique context and set of challenges, breaking the bottlenecks will require a country specific approach.

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