ORASCODERHA (Organisation pour l'Agriculture, la Scolarisation et le Développement Rural d'Haïti)

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ORASCODERHA (organisation pour l’Agriculture, la Scolarisation et le Développement Rural d’Haïti) is an organization founded in the rural community of Léogane with the aim of supporting the most vulnerable and marginalized farmers.

Actions focus are on the following areas:

1. Schooling for disadvantaged children
2. Goat breeding
3. Recreational activities for disadvantaged young people and children
4. Breeding and gardens for marginalized and disadvantaged families
5. Training for all ages and sexes
6. Management of the environment
7. Care for disadvantaged children
8. Activities promoting the social and economic integration of totally deprived and marginalized women
9. Creation of infrastructures to respond to the needs of the deprived families in the most marginalized communities…

ORASCODERHA now has more than 500 members scattered across various rural areas in the communes of Léogane and Gressier. It is affiliated with 5 other grassroots community organizations. It has 4 annexes in 4 rural communities of Léogane and Gressier.

ORASCODERHA has carried out some projects thanks to fundraising among charitable institutions and a few individuals. There are some international partners who subsidize some of the projects carried out by the ORASCODERHA organization.



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Less than 500,000

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ORASCODERHA is not part of an international network. However, in Haiti, it works in concert with community organizations and at the same time supports the activities of other organizations in rural communities where needs are urgent.

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