Roma orphans and vulnerable children's care ( Roma Ovc Care )

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Roma Ovc Care is a non – profit making Organization which was established in 2015 in Ndola District of Copperbelt Province of the Republic Of Zambia. The project focuses on providing holistic care and support to vulnerable populations especially children and elimination of all forms of child abuse by providing awareness programs, income generating activities and provide necessarily required protection assistance to children living with HIV and AIDS and or other disabilities in all forms of abuse and poverty without looking on the basis of their race, religion, nationality, color, ethnicity or any other difference. This provides the necessary standards and means of meeting as an organization working with and for children. It also provides a good basis for the development of effective measures to prevent and respond to all sorts of abuse and violence, by raising awareness strategies children’ safeguarding measures. It offers an opportunity not only for the improvement of the quality and professionalism of those working with children, but most importantly, it will help to achieve a greater impact for all the children and their families


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Less than 500,000

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