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Bindura University of Science Education (BUSE) is a state university in Zimbabwe. It was established first, as a College of the University of Zimbabwe in 1995 although it started operating on 26 March 1996. In February 2000, the Government of Zimbabwe gazetted the BUSE Act, conferring University status to the College.

Initially, BUSE was established to address the shortage of science teachers in the country. However, the University has grown beyond science teacher training. It now offers various programmes in five faculties that are housed in four campuses. The faculties include Science and Engineering, Science Education, Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, Commerce and Social Science and Humanities. In all its programmes, the University seeks to be a hub of knowledge and a beacon of excellence in teaching, research and extension services. It exists to contribute to the development of Zimbabwe through the advancement of knowledge and skills in sciences. It seeks to produce highly innovative and acclaimed graduates equipped with research, entrepreneurial and technical skills for the benefit of the nations and the international community. In addition to conventional and block release programmes, BUSE, the Department of Geography offers short courses in GIS and Remote Sensing, drought and flood preparedness and early warning systems, and drought adaptation and coping mechanisms.


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