Fondation Itaka Escolapios, Central Africa

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Fondation Itaka Escolapios is a Foundation created and encouraged by Piarist Fathers and the Scolopi fraternity.

The fondation is convinced that education of the most disadvantaged people is the better way to change the world and to make ready a better future making the new generations provide with responsibility sharing the best of themselves.

It is also possible to make a world as God dreamed and only if mankind try to make it real, then lives are worthy full of sense. Because of this, the path is education and announces the Gospel of Jesus and get deeply involved in the environment, involving our whole life.

The fondation meets together in the dream to reach Itaka, the island that it can´t be found in any map, but it guides all brave navigators. Although we the seekers can´t reach it, the journey is wonderful.

The Foundation Itaka-Scolopi was born the 9th of March 2001, giving more consistence to the Itaka association (1985) and other groups founded earlier and the Scolopi work began also for Calasanz in 1597.

Nowadays the Foundation is composed by seven demarcations, the Piarist Fathers themselves and General Congregation, and it has also share this dream with four fraternities, all with different levels and areas involved.
Demarcations: Central Africa, Afrique de l´Ouest, Betania , Bolivia-Brazil, Central America and Caribe (Venezuela-Dominican Republic), Chile, Emaús,Philipines, México, and India.
Scolopi Fraternities in Betania, Bolivia, Brazil, Emaús, México y Venezuela.


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1 million - 100 million

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Itaka Escolapios Network

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Africa: Cameroon; Congo; Equatorial Guinea

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Agriculture, aquaculture and forestry; Children, youth and family welfare; all (6)