HEAPIDER-Concern, Inc.

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HEAPIDER-Concern, Inc. is a Liberian grassroots development and relief organization with the vision “Concerned for Positive Transformation of Liberians and the Environment”; working under the mission “To renew and make better the lives of all Liberians including the physically challenged in postwar Liberia; and with the goal of the aspiration to be recognized as an enabler for the educational and economic empowerment of the Liberian citizenry for self-reliant livelihood, cognizant of the socio-economic, political and natural environment.” As such, it aims towards and operates under realization/provision and fostering of Holistic Health, Health Education and Information, agricultural assistance, Peace building including social Justice, integrated Development, Environmental and Human Rights Protection, Economic Empowerment and Relief Concern.

HEAPIDER makes effort to give recognition and honor to the traditions and cultural values, including lessons portrayed in particularly folklore songs, legendary tales, proverbs and jokes, of the autochthonous or aboriginal people of Liberia]; commitment to social inclusion and justice; gender equity; teamwork culture; quality; accountability; and leadership. In fact, with respect to leadership, the organization commits to leading in terms of, with integrity and honesty and via empowerment, making positive impact of services delivery even in the rigour of difficulties posed by (e.g.) disasters and other emergencies and by inspiring confidence in the target populations that they serve such that, no matter the burden of challenges they face, they are capable of being and remaining resilient.

It operates under the priniciples of participation of all and strive to promote belongingness and working in teams, sustainability, non-discrimination, transparency and dynamism of spirit via adaptability and creativity, in pursuit of innovative and quality action.



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