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Project funding


While many forms of collaboration are of great value in today's new partnership paradigm, money is still needed. Simple as it sounds, that remains true. Money can allow humanitarian groups to act quickly and save lives. It can be that injection of capital which sees structures put in place to...

Provision of services / personnel


Increasingly, today, companies like to engage with global issues using their core competencies, intellectual capital, services or volunteer personnel. Creative partnerships of this kind can be capacity building and see long term partnerships that are highly strategic. These can provide an enabling...

Provision of goods


Donated goods can bring great assistance to NGOs if wisely placed, with consideration to shelf life, cultural sensitivity, environmental appropriateness and impact on local manufacture in struggling economies. Rightly placed product can free up funding for other crucial purposes. It can also see...

How can I profile my organisation?


You can also view this page in French. Comment puis-je présenter mon organisation ? You can profile your organisation by going to the 'My profile' link on the top right of the screen and then click the 'Edit organisation profile' button. By listing a profile of your...