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What is the Global Commons Alliance?

Here at Global Hand, our desire is to do all we can to help you find partners that match your interests in global need. The Global Commons Alliance is a group of like-minded NGOs. All of those within it have an understanding that, if they cannot find a match for organisations making an offer,...

What if I have a bad experience with a partner I find through Global Hand?

Please make contact with our office using the "general feedback form":/en/feedback or by email to our "general enquiries" address.

Will the Global Hand site be in different languages?

You can also view this page in German. Diese Seite ist auch auf Deutsch verfügbar. Global Hand is currently only in English, although there are some key pages that have been translated into German and French to assist with understanding the functions of Global Hand. See ...

Is Global Hand appropriate for local applications as well as international?

Yes, it is appropriate for both. We often say that Global Hand can be used across the road or across the world. It can connect people anywhere: whether inside a community or in separate hemispheres.

Is Global Hand for individuals or organisations?

Global Hand has services for you as an individual and for organisations. Some of our services, however, are more effective for organisations to use. Global Hand mainly handles offers made by business corporations. Individuals are able to make offers too, particularly if you are making a...

Global Hand: Background story

Global Hand’s development has been spearheaded by "Crossroads Foundation":, a Hong Kong based non-profit organisation that sits at the nexus between over 1,000 corporations and 2,000 NGOs. It leverages donated freight, corporate expertise and product, and is currently...

Global Hand: Privacy Policy

h2. General p. The Global Hand Privacy Policy consists of the policy set out herein and the more detailed Privacy Policy of Crossroads Foundation – available "here": Terms defined in this policy have the meanings given to them in the "User...

Global Hand verification

Please note: Global Hand does not accept unsolicited applications for verification. Instead, we will approach non-profit organisations when a potential partnership opportunity that matches their interests is available.

Advocacy of global issues

You may be deeply concerned about a particular global issue and looking for partners to help raise awareness of it. Businesses can bring the strength of their networks, financial provision, cause related marketing and even the use of the corporate name.

Standards and guidelines development

One form of responsible business concerns guidelines and best practice. _For example, in the construction industry, building codes are under current discussion in relation to natural disasters. Earthquake, hurricane and other disaster damage sees far more deaths in areas where structures are built...