Compassionate Mission Center

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Compassionate Mission Center services :
1. Evangelism. Starting churches for individual church groups deep in the remote areas. The Muslim Communities being a priority
2. School of Pastors. Leadership trainings.
3. Drilling boreholes and repairing broken ones : for safe water to poor communities.
4. Providing health services to the poor sick communities. Compassionate Mission Clinic. A great need for simple basic medical working equipment and drugs.
5. Orphanage, accommodating 55 children right now. Beds, Blankets, Beddings, Mattresses needed. The children were fed breakfast, lunch, supper, etc.
6. Bringing children, mainly girls to school,; paying school fees for them and providing essentials to them.
7. Feeding Program: Bringing food to the dying of hunger in the needy communities. There is much hunger in Malawi
8. Supplementary feeding to people with HIV/AIDS and are taking ARVs and TB drugs. Those who are worn out.
9. Building houses for the home-less. Elderly and orphans.
10. Distribution of solar lights to poor communities which have no electricity. 90 % of our population do not have electricity
11. Taking care of people living with disabilities by providing with wheel chairs, crutches, taking them to major hospitals for operations etc. Great need of wheel chairs etc and physiotherapy basic equipment.
12. Prison Ministry. Ministering to Prisoners with God’s Word and in physical needs like soap, lotion, tooth brush, tooth paste, etc.


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Compassionate Mission Center

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Less than 500,000

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Project funding; Provision of services / personnel; Provision of goods

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Africa: Malawi

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Children, youth and family welfare; Education and training; Gender issues; HIV/AIDS, all (4)

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Computer hardware & software; Food & beverage; Furniture & furnishings; all (11)


Malawi: Southern Africa: Food Insecurity - Jun 2015