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Regional perspectives on "Sustainable Livelihoods and Business"


Regional perspectives on Sustainable Livelihoods and Business, a publication of the WBCSD, discusses the potential of Sustainable Livelihoods (SL) businesses - businesses that benefit the poor while opening new doors to companies’ activities. The report presents the features and findings obtained...

Association for India's Development (AID)


Association for India's Development, Inc. (AID) is a voluntary non-profit organisation committed to promoting sustainable, equitable and just development in India, by working with grassroots organisations and movements in India. AID supports and initiates efforts in various interconnected spheres...

Sampradaan Indian Centre for Philanthropy


Sampradaan Indian Centre for Philanthropy (SICP) is a non-profit humanitarian society that seeks to promote a culture where resources are regularly shared and social responsibility and justice is a concern of all its citizens. SICP's vision is of an India in which private resources of money,...

Callu N.V. Consulting & Development


Callu N.V. Consulting&Development provides easy-to-assemble shelters and houses. Together with its Begium partner - Daikin, Callu also provides electric air conditioners for the dwellings.

Venu Madhuri Trust


Venu Madhuri Trust promotes integrated and and sustainable rural development.

Foundation for Development for Needy Communities (FDNC)


The Foundation for Development for Needy Communities (FDNC),is an NGO that works in line with government efforts to create jobs, raise incomes and increase investment and opportunities for sustainable development in Uganda. FDNC strives to build self-reliance and sustainable development in the most...

An ounce of prevention: The case for Disaster Risk Management - Oct 2008


One dollar spent in disaster prevention, the experts tell us, is worth four dollars spent in disaster response. Business companies have to find the math compelling...

How does Global Hand support Corporate Social Responsibility?


Global Hand salutes the ongoing imperatives within the corporate community: CSR, Sustainable Development, Corporate Citizenship and the various other terms by which they are known. These are birthing many kinds of corporate engagement with global issues. * Built in: Responsible business....

Trade, Aid or Traid? Getting it right with the private sector - May, 2008


We are regularly being asked to broaden Global Hand's services. While retaining our traditional 'matching' activity, many have enquired if Global Hand can support the wider engagement between for-profit and non-profit entities in today's landscape of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and...

Job Creation - June, 2003


Unemployment figures have reached tragic levels - in their 70's, 80's and 90's - in some of the world's worst hit economies. In response, many humanitarian groups are moving towards projects that create jobs. Global Hand has put together a listing of organisations involved in microenterprise...