Partnering in today’s world: a new website for Global Hand

The world is not as it was when Global Hand began. Times have changed and we are changing with them. Global Hand came into being as a ‘matching’ website: connecting for-profits and non-profits to respond to world need.

That remains true today.

Now, however, there is a new landscape of engagement between for-profits and non-profits: they are matching up in more ways than they used to. They continue to partner in ways they did before, including in-kind giving of goods and services, but they partner in further ways as well.

Many non-profits, including a range in the Global Hand community, are broadening their operations to include such partnership options as microcredit, fair trade, job creation, corporate expertise, advocacy, as well as continuing in-kind activity, humanitarian aid and more.

Many for-profits, also including a range in the Global Hand community, are driven toward newer modes of engagement as they embrace Corporate Social Responsibility, global citizenship, sustainability reporting and so on. They are seeking to align their intellectual capital and core competencies with many of today’s global issues, and looking for NGOs who need these for their programmes.

Suddenly, in recent years, therefore, for-profits and non-profits are looking for each other in ways previously unimaginable.

In a world of desperate need, new partnerships are welcomed in our attempts to care for a hurting planet populated by hurting people.

In this time of economic need, particularly, creative new partnerships might hold answers that are, otherwise, beyond everybody’s reach.

Welcome, then, to Global Hand’s new website and the richer range of partnerships it sets out to facilitate.

You are welcome to: