RUHUHA Green Star School

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The overall objective of the Ruhuha Green Star School is to increase children’s access to education and improve the quality of education in the village Area by constructing :
Primary School

The prime objectives are :

 Create learning opportunity for school age children
 Increase children’s school enrollment in the community of the project
 Reduce school dropout rate in the project area, especially school girls
 Increase the literary rate
 Increase the project area community’s awareness on the importance of educating children, by working on affirmative action with the community.
 Build the spirit of community service and volunteerism among the future generations.
 Behavior Change as a way of solving social and economic problems in promoting a just society.
 Setting school fees affordable to the poor families and seasonal selection of vulnerable children and orphans that will not afford school fees to study for free

About the school

RUHUHA Green Star School is located in eastern province, Gatsibo district, Kabarore sector, Simbwa cell and Ruhuha village. Ruhuha Green Star School started teaching from 14th/01/2019.


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