CHF International and Caterpillar are Finalists for BCLC’s Partnership Award

Since the earthquake of January 12, 2010, CHF International has been working hard, partnering with Haitian communities to help them recover from the devastating effects of the disaster and the challenges they have faced since then.

CHF has been partnering with Caterpillar-Haytrac in Haiti since before the earthquake, jointly running a vocational training program to train Haitian Caterpillar operators. The company continued working with Caterpillar-Haytrac after the earthquake to remove large amounts of rubble from roads, canals and public buildings on a daily basis, employing graduates of the CHF-Caterpillar vocational training program and training more operators. Additionally, as part of this process, the company retrieved important public records such as the archives of the Ministry of Education and those of the main Cathedral.

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Provision of services / personnel

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Americas: Haiti; United States

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Disasters and humanitarian affairs ; Refugees and internally displaced persons

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Haiti: Earthquakes - Jan 2010