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Miracle Hearts Foundation is a social Ugandan based non government organization which is also a non-profit charitable incorporated organization that was founded with an aim of restoring hope in hearts of needy most especially the children born with HIV/AIDS virus and the widows infected with the same virus. The Foundation carries out activities mainly in the rural areas of Uganda where many infected children and widows are less privileged and have no access to basic needs of life.

The main aims of the organization are to carry out charitable activities such as :

a) Providing basic needs like food, clothes, shelter to prevent malnutrition and other diseases that come due to lack of above necessities.
b) Offering them career moral guidance and counseling about how to live a positive life with that virus for many years.
c) Promoting networking initiatives with other similar foundations
d) Encouraging them to go to health centres to get adequate and necessary treatment to stay healthy
e) Receiving and distributing gifts, subscriptions, donations, devises of lands, monies, securities to carry out activities
f) Seek sponsoring for bursaries and scholarships in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions so that the children can acquire knowledge, education and literacy
g) Developing talents of the children who happen to be talented through music, dance, drama and sports such as football, volleyball, netball and athletics
h) Acquiring for land by purchasing, receiving or taking by gift for the widows under our care to carry out farming both for home consumption and selling
i) Training widows developmental entrepreneurial skills to make craft products



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