Solar Electrification Education & Development Project

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The mission of this non-governmental organization is to help the many rural schools in Ghana with solar energy as a source of cheap electricity and computers. In this era of technology, every child deserves to have electricity access and computers, which can play a significant role in improving learning outcomes at schools, develop IT skills, build a career in IT and boost their creativity for new inventions.

The project also involves a gender-based organization that works towards Gender empowerment and Resilience of Women, and especially Widows, within the northern savannah ecological zone of Ghana. The organization is engaged in the mobilization of young women and widows in the above mentioned zones as part of the strategy to reach out to re-orient them into engagements that are beneficial to them and their families and their communities as a whole.

The goals and objectives are to mobilize young women and widows, empower them and increase their resilience through moral support, helping to build their capacities on how to develop themselves.


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